In Echothrust Solutions we provide on-demand, custom software based services that uniquely satisfy even the most complex IT infrastructures.

By targeting on our client's own different needs and examining and understanding how each business operates, we are able to provide a variety of innovative solutions to them.

Echothrust Solutions builds, maintains and supports sophisticated solutions based on OpenBSD. Take a look at what we can offer to you bellow...

Managed Services

In Echothrust we are giving you the opportunity to transfer day-to-day related management operations to us. This can effectively improve the operations of production support and build/maintenance activities.

Research & Development

Research and Development is in the core of Echothrust's philosophy, aiming at expanding our knowledge and come up with prototypes to address today's IT needs. Our research expands into a wide range of areas such as management, security, authentication, monitoring, logging and much more.

Bespoke Services

Every time our research comes to a conclusion, it is followed by a proof-of-concept in the form of projects. We provide our projects for free under a non restrictive OSI approved license and we follow through with a range of support services such as:

Professional Services

We offer expert services to aid the design, development and implementation of business systems. By recognizing new trends in the market, we are able to provide to our customers the best solution possible for their infrastructure. The major concern of our consultants is to optimize the business process without downgrading or degrading the business needs and operations. By applying our propositions, we are trying to formulate clear missions that would be carried by the entire organization.

Network Services

A well designed network provides the foundations needed to support the most extreme requirements. However, a network should also move in high speed and provide ubiquitous access. To design and maintain a network takes time and it is very easy for mistakes to occur. Moreover, a network must be designed in such a way to keep the correct analogy between security and actually doing your job.