Over the years, Echothrust Solutions has developed a wide range of diverse projects. Our projects come either from the need to manage efficiently and easily different aspects of our internal OpenBSD based network, or they start as our customers' requests that later flourish to become complete Open Source projects.

Our main area of focus is systems management, networking, security and support (with use of OpenBSD whenever possible).


A web based real-time event log aggregation, analysis, monitoring and management system.
Echofish provides administrators with a single view for centralised monitoring & proactive management of syslog events, through an intuitive user interface.


echoCTF LogoechoCTF is a pioneer computer security framework, developed by Echothrust Solutions, for running security related competitions (CTF).

PF Diverters

A collection of daemons written for OpenBSD PF, that intercept and perform deep inspection on packets as they arrive on the system.