Our history

Our Start
In 2006 in Reading UK, after the development of an AI mechanism for gathering, analysing and learning to react to cybersecurity vulnerabilities and attacks, we were inspired to create Echothrust Solutions.

We started as a Research and Development (R&D) company in the field of IT security and we developed and a diverse set of innovative solutions and applications, from tools for network security to machine learning.

In 2009 the we took the brave decision to relocate our company in our home country Greece where we base our headquarters to this day.

Did you know? Echothrust is named after the echo(1) command of UNIX Systems and the word thrust, the reaction force described by Newton’s third law.

A twist of fate
In the summer of 2012 after discussions with a friend and organiser of AthCon Security Conference, we created a CTF competition to run exclusively for AthCon 2012.

The event created such a good impression that requests to develop similar events started to come from different countries of the world.

This was our turning point. With your support and our enthusiasm we changed our focus as a company and decided to work in the field of cybersecurity exercises and training.

Our multi-year research and development in cybersecurity greatly helped us to integrate some of our best ideas and practices into our new effort.

Some of our most memorable CTFs
In 2014 we introduced our complete CTF platform into a CTF competition for du, in Dubai UAE. It was the first time that we included a physical diorama to demonstrate the impact of the IT Security on critical infrastructures.

Since then we are delivering CTFs and cybersecurity exercises around the world. Some of our most memorable events are:

  • Saudi Arabia's Smart City Infrastructure, for Cyber Sabers Hackathon of the MENA ISC Conference, Riyadh KSA (2017, 2018, 2019)
  • Military Themed Security Exercises for International Defense Exhibition & Conference, IDEX (2019)
  • Online Students and Professional Competition, for HackMex held by Instituto Politécnico Nacional of Mexico (2019)
  • Hack the Airport, for Cyber Europe 2018 (CE2018) held by ENISA (2018)
  • Smart City Infrastructure, for DU Hackathon, held by du Dubai UAE in 2014, 2016

Our online platform
After persistent requests from our customers and CTF participants we launched our online echoCTF platform echoCTF.RED, on November of 2019.