Echothrust Solutions is a Research and Development company focusing on developing and implementing custom, innovative solutions that span a diverse set of applications.

Echothrust was founded in 2006 in Reading, UK and was relocated to Greece in 2009. Through the years, Echothrust's team has developed a plethora of diverse projects, ranging from network security and intelligence, artificial intelligence, computer management, firewalls, intrusion detection systems, SSO (Single Sign On) on heterogeneous networks, to digital signage and captive portal utilities and many more.

Echothrust's dedication to quality comes from our prototype products, which follow the principles of open source. Echothrust's initiative is not only to create open source projects, but also to use OpenBSD as our Operating System of choice.

Feel free to browse our web site, to find more information about our projects and services. You can also follow our blog where you can find articles about different projects and ideas that we develop as well as OpenBSD related material.


Echothrust Team