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Gourced version of Echolib

Log visualization can be tedius and boring, not always though. Meet Gource a new software visualization tool that produces beautiful movies of your history. Here is a take at Gource on one of our projects.

Echofish Monday...

There is no better feeling than being pleasantly surprised by the application you develop. This is what happened to me this Monday morning.

First, let me explain some bits of our network.

Website Renovations under way

Hello and welcome,

Unfortunately, we are currently in the process of renovating our website. This was something we needed to do for quite some time, but couldn't due to prior obligations.

Echothrust was @Athcon2011

We had the luck of being at the annual security conference taking place in Greece called Athcon. Atchon took place between 2 and 3 of June 2011 and Echothrust was there.

Echothrust @AthCon 2011

The organizers (Kyprianos, Anna and Christos) where kind enough to promote our work by supplying...

Running on OpenBSD - The Conclusion (Part 4)

In a world that three operating systems dominate (Windows, Linux, MacOS) and alternative sounds weird we gave a run at OpenBSD as our operating system from end-to-end. The following document is the fourth and final part of a four part paper that describes how we managed to setup our entire company using only OpenBSD and its provided ports and tools.

We hope you enjoy the reading.