HackMex 2019 CTF Support & Development

HackMex CTF 2019

For the first time we delivered an echoCTF based competition in Mexico. HackMex is a yearly CTF competition that is organised by the Instituto Politécnico Nacional of Mexico.

Our goal for HackMex 2019 was to deliver an online CTF competition for university students to measure the technological capacity of Mexico, in an academic environment with international projections. But the event grew so much attention that eventually teams from universities as well as professionals were accepted to participate.

The participants were given the task to attack critical infrastructure systems, such as airports, nuclear platforms, oil pumps in order to find vulnerabilities and exploit them. Many of the targets incorporated the latest security trends and vulnerabilities of 2019 so participants had to demonstrate understanding of basic security concepts as well as follow current security trends.

Using realistic scenarios such as SCADA, database servers, code vulnerabilities, IoT platforms and many more we challenged our participants' insight skills, logic and theoretical-technical abilities.

The competition was split in two rounds, the qualifications and the finals. The qualifications lasted for 2 days and 180 teams of students and professionals competed against each other for a place to the finals. In the finals the top 20 teams competed in a 24 hour event for the top place.

The event grew so much national attention that is now considered the biggest and most successful CTF nationwide.