echoCTF.RED is now online

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We are excited to announce our online platform to help you train and expand your cybersecurity offense and defense skills, echoCTF.RED

Echothrust Solutions has been delivering Capture the Flag competitions and cybersecurity exercises based on the echoCTF framework for the past seven years.

The most common request we had during these past years, was if there was an online version of our platform so that participants could continue after the events concluded.

So after a lot of prodding and support from our users we can finally invite you to see what all the fuss is about! Head over at echoCTF.RED for more information and details on how to register.

What is it?

echoCTF.RED is an online non-competitive CTF style platform that allows users to train and expand their security skills by solving security related puzzles / challenges.

Once registered you will be able to choose from the available targets, challenges and training material and try to solve them.

These challenges award points so as to keep things interesting and fun and will present you with a set of diverse problems to solve.

Challenges and targets

echoCTF.RED is a mixed type CTF platform with a few twists.

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Attack/Defense targets: We have the usual attack type targets, where you are asked to attack and take control (pwn) different servers, each presenting different types of vulnerability type.

Challenges: We have the jeopardy style challenges, where you have to solve puzzles and provide specific answers to questions, such as “What is the password of user YXZ”.

But we also have the following type of targets:

CVE based target CVE based targets: These are minimal and direct implementations of specific CVEs to assist you in researching and developing detection, exploitation and mitigation tools. These targets are gamified and award points (though a lot less than usual targets).

Training target Training targets: Targets that are paired with interactive tutorials to help you train on Penetration Testing tools and methodologies.

At the moment the platform hosts a tiny subset of the total targets we have developed over time, but are the most representative of the capabilities and features of the platform.


echoCTF.RED is for everyone with an interest in cybersecurity no matter the background and experience level.

If you’re looking for a place to have fun learning while pwning systems, then what are you waiting for? Sign up, it's free (seriously are you still here?).

You can follow the echoCTF twitter account for announcements and updates regarding the platform.

We hope you enjoyed the reading and we’d love to see you over at echoCTF.RED