Cyber Sabers 2019 Support & Development

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For the third year in a row, we delivered an echoCTF based competition for the Cyber Sabers Hackathon 2019. Cyber Sabers Hackathon is considered one of the most important competitions in the Saudi Arabia's region and is a part of the MENA ISC security conference.

The two day event invited students from both public and private KSA universities to participate in a dynamic CTF challenge in order to apply what they learned and gain new and hands-on experiences.

Our goal this year was to exclusively design an echoCTF competition to address and increase the competencies in the field on cybersecurity in Saudi Arabia, in line with the National Transformation Program 2020 and the Saudi Vision 2030.

Therefore, all of echoCTF targets were real life scenarios replicating the latest threats, trends and vulnerabilities of 2019 with varying level of difficulty. We also added more defensive challenges to test how the participants act in real life situations.

Our smart city diorama replicated critical infrastructure, buildings and landmarks of Saudi Arabia. Among the different elements of the infrastructure were energy generators (nuclear plants, wind turbines), public transport services, military operations, a monorail, a port and many more.

Using PLCs and SCADA infrastructure the contestants could attack the smart city and directly observe the consequences of such an attack.

As with every echoCTF competition, visual effects such as competition statistics, scoreboard, information streams and real-time graphical visualizations of network were projected throughout the event.

The event was streamed live and gathered a lot of media attention at a national level.